December 13 Newsletter

December 13 Newsletter

Adele Outteridge   Wim de Vos

NEWSLETTER, December 2013

The studio year 2012 culminated with a combined Book Arts exhibition and the launch of the Bookplates Unbound project. The State Library of Queensland acquired several pieces from the Book Arts exhibition plus a copy of Bookplates Unbound. Works acquired were:The Chrysler Building by Wim de Vos, Somewhat Bent by Adele Outteridge, Moeraki Boulders by Susan Bowers, Silhouettes by Fiona Medhurst, Burnt Lands by Katharine Nix and Artist Survey 12 by Spowart and Cooper. Congratulations to all.

Wim took a ten-day solo journey criss-crossing and up and down Tasmania during December 2012 which he found totally inspiring. He kept a comprehensive journal of drawings and text as well as several thousand photos. These have now been translated into a wonderful book of forty-seven mixed media paintings. Both books were designed and made by Adele and Wim.

January 2013 saw a group of very enthusiastic participants in the studio for the Summer Workshop, working in drawing, printmaking and book arts. It is always gratifying to see what can be achieved during these intensive workshops.

Weekly classes started again in February with many continuing and several new participants.

Early in the year Wim introduced the 500 x 500 project titled ‘Addition and Subtraction’. Sixteen participants started with a 500 x 500mm piece of MDF board on which to work with any medium, adding and subtracting layer upon layer, with no limit as to how deep. The sixteen works were installed in a “quilt” layout for our end of year party and exhibition. The diversity of imagery and media was really fascinating, also it was gratifying to see how sixteen such totally different works all formed a unified whole.

Adele travelled to Halls Gap, Victoria in February to teach at the Grampians Texture forum. It is always good to be able to teach in such beautiful surroundings and with so many inspiring fellow tutors and dear friends. Still in the south, she visited family in Melbourne then went to Tasmania for the bicentennial celebrations for the town of Longford where her First Fleet great great great great grandfather settled in 1813 after the Norfolk Island settlement was disbanded, building the first house in Longford, which is still standing. There were many ‘new’ cousins to meet and she discovered distant family connections with three friends. Another highlight was a day spent at Museum of Old and New Art in Hobart

We were invited to participate in the Regeneration project initiated by the Impress printmaking group. Each participant was to produce a small edition of prints to go in folio boxes.

Wim judged the Royal Qld Art Society printmaking exhibition, the Royal National Agricultural Show art exhibition and the Brisbane Institute of Art, Nona Metcalf Prize. He spoke at the opening of the Maryborough printmaking studio at Gatakers Artspace, the RNA Art Exhibition opening ceremony and at the opening of the BIA students’ final exhibition for 2013. We both spoke at the opening of the Impress exhibition at the BIA.

Our visit to Maryborough was also to show our respect for our late friend and colleague Merv Flavel who was always an enthusiastic and dedicated participant at the McGregor Schools. His widow Sue generously donated much of his printmaking equipment, which enabled the establishment of the printmaking studio at Gatakers Artspace.

In April an electrical fire in the ABSOE building caused no damage to the studio, fortunately, however it did leave a fine, greasy layer of pale grey smoke film over everything, which took us three weeks to remove. An interesting aside there…….it was much easier to remove the smoke film from the dusty than the clean surfaces

We both attended the Context Art Forum (run by The Aust Forum for Textile Arts) in the Blue Mountains in April. Adele taught two workshops, Books without Sewing and Decorative Spine Sampler while Wim took Sandy Webster’s workshops on pigment making and altered books. We took a leisurely drive there over two days, taking the Bylong Valley Way from Musswellbrook to Katoomba, a very beautiful mountainous area that provided inspiration for drawing and photography. We caught up with many long time, dear friends and colleagues, with some hilarious evenings spent catching up and trying the many excellent restaurants in the area. We took a day off on the return trip in Murrurundi to revisit a favourite place. Dear friends included Geoff Hannah, Laurens Otto, Keith Lo Bue, Irena Opacak, Inga Hunter, Tony Morphett, Charlotte Drake-Brockman, Kathryn Wardill, Vicky Mason, Janet de Boer, Jude Skeers, Elizabeth Bowe……….and many others……….

Adele also taught workshops at Sunshine Coast Grammar; ArtPlus in Bundaberg; Studio Vanderlugt in Proserpine; and also in Caloundra. She was fortunate to see Anneke Silver’s inspiring journal exhibition at Umbrella Studios in Townsville. Teaching at the Textile Art Academy, held at St Peter’s, Indooroopilly was exciting and associated with a group exhibition of work by tutors held At the TAFTA Gallery 159.


We ran several successful workshops ourselves in the studio during the year, Perspex, Printmaking with acrylic plates and Single sheet binding with slipcase.

A highlight of our workshop programme was a having our dear friend and colleague Keith Lo Bue here for nearly two weeks to teach three workshops, Steeling Beauty, making chains and jewellery from reinforcing tie wire; Poetry in Motion, making marvellous mobiles, and Getting Attached, working with rivets. When you organise a workshop it’s often frustrating that you don’t get a chance to do it, however, this time we were both able to participate and had a wonderfully inspiring time working with Keith.

Please note, we shall soon be announcing another Keith Lo Bue workshop to be held in the studio in late March

We attended seminars at the State Library of Qld on several topics. These are always thought provoking and sometimes controversial, always interesting, and a good opportunity to catch up with still more friends and colleagues.

Adele was invited to co-judge the Lightning Ridge International Opal Jewellery and Design Association’s biennial opal jewellery competition (with Mike Levendi and Jaques Diodati). Lightning Ridge is an amazing place, which seems to exist in its own time bubble. The judging was fascinating and she gained many insights from fellow judges as she hopes they did from her. The idea is to have two Jewellery judges (Mike and Jaques) and one from another medium (Adele). Linda Jackson also participated, displaying her wonderful opal inspired scarves and her opal jewellery. Linda, Mike and Adele explored the surrounding area with its mines and eccentric architecture. A highlight was visits to the bore bath, a twenty-four hour bath open to everyone where the artesian water emerges at 41degrees C, perfect on a freezing cold night at 2.00am after the Opal Queen Ball.

Wim acquired a miniature circular saw for his Perspex work, which has enabled him to work on an explosion of small and large works with clear and coloured acrylic sheet. He has been making images and containers to house them since. By using acrylic sheet the clear and opaque colour produces wonderful sculptures. Encasing them in clear and satin panels evokes many moods with natural and artificial light.

Wim has kept up his musical interest this year, rehearsing together with his mates Robin and Neil, not as often as last year but producing a terrific bracket of six songs for our end of year party which were received with great enthusiasm by the audience.

We currently have an exciting collaborative project with Graham Bligh. Graham has been a studio ‘family’ member for some eight years now. He has made a very successful transition from architecture to printmaking and has continued his long-term love of drawing, and now is incorporating mixed media and sculpture. It’s always fascinating and inspiring to work on collaborative pieces, and a challenge to get three very individual approaches to fuse into a successful whole. This we have done with considerable success as well as producing individual works, which will all be exhibited some time early May 2014.

Our summer workshop starting on the 6th January will include our always popular Printmaking, Drawing and Painting programme. Book Arts will be slightly different this time including a different book structure every day. Wim has also included sculpture with acrylic sheet (Perspex) and other media.

First term 2014 starts the week beginning the 3rd February.

Both our families are thriving. Wim’s on both sides of the Atlantic are all successful in their respective careers and family pursuits.

Adele’s sons in Melbourne and Brisbane each have new family members. She now has four grandsons.

We wish you a happy and peaceful festive season and a happy and successful 2014.

With best wishes

Adele and Wim

2014 Summer Workshop

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